CEO Bjoern Sprotte wrote exclusively for Splash 247!

This week CEO Bjoern Sprotte wrote exclusively for Splash 247 which provides the latest incisive, exclusive maritime news, and in-depth analysis on global maritime, shipping and offshore. He emphasises and illustrate why during these trying times we have unique opportunity to transform crew training for the better.

“When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, measures were put in place around the globe to restrict mobility of people in an unprecedented effort to limit the spread of the new virus. Consequently, large parts of our crew trainings were put on an indefinite hold overnight. All training methods requiring personal attendance are affected, for example: classroom lecturing, crew conferences, on board training and simulation. Technological advancement has allowed us to take a fresh look at how this crisis can create an instant opportunity to drive modern crew learning and development. Competent seafarers play a critical role to ensure safe ship operations for functioning global supply chains. “

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