Women of OSM: Renata Moura

Being one of the developers of OSM Brazil, Renata Moura is now the general manager of OSM Africa. Now being responsible for the entire operations of OSM Africa and allocated in our Angola Office. As a former commercial manager, she is now facing the challenge of establishing an efficient operation in Africa regions where OSM operates.

“It is like a new company; you have to have a deep understanding on how to do everything from the financial to crewing. It is an exciting challenge.’’ 

So far, her greatest achievement was the Equinor contract that they landed in Brazil in 2017. The contract was a huge achievement not only for herself but for OSM in general.  

The maritime industry has indeed majority of men. The majority of leaders are men but there are now more women working in the industry. However, Renata believes that the challenge comes with all the different cultures. Only within OSM, there are around 53 nationalities. The different cultures have their own perspectives of gender equality. Renata says that if you ever meet someone that disrespect you, then show them your most professional behavior. You will then illustrate how professional and the high standard a woman can hold. As a woman, you set the limits. 

With a good knowledgeable background, you have to have your feet on the ground. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need to know what is going on in other departments. The more you know about the entire process the better you are. Renata says as her tips to other women in the industry.