Holiday Season Onboard

One of the greatest aspects that make human beings so unique, is our vast capacity to experience situations from so many different emotional perspectives. Only someone who has ever needed to spend some special holidays far from loved ones knows what it is like to go through absence in moments that, for most people, are to be shared with the dearest ones.

This is very present in the life of the seafarer. Being away during the holidays is something that demands focus and purpose, in order to enable the involved people to really celebrate and be joyous, once this kind of absence is also the other side of a career being developed, a family foundation being built, a life history being written. For all the beauty, experiences and fascination that life at Sea provides, something sometimes is demanded in return due to the nature of the activity. 

I asked some Seafarers yesterday if they could share their thoughts and feelings on this issue.

“I feel whole, complete because due to the fact that I am working, my children can celebrate Christmas with all support. There is no separation between us, we are connected all times in our thoughts and feelings. I am really happy.”

Able Seaman Donizete Antoneli

“For many, Christmas can only be celebrated at home with family. But seafarers have to be aware that when we are on board, everyone from the Steward to the Captain becomes a second family. A beautiful Family, with different accents, nationalities, and cultures. And even with so much difference, we remain united”.

Messman Osvaldo Lima

“Being away from family members is always a fact, but the life of the seafarer is dual, land and sea, home and adventure, presence and longing”.  She still wrote: “It is also great to share such a special occasion with dear work friends and get to know the cuisine and cultures from other Nations on this special date.”

3/O Maria Sarto

Personally, I am convinced that life at Sea tends to reward brave women and men with lifelong memories, friendships that will last for decades, and above all an unbreakable spirit, able to do whatever needs to be done. Be it for the seafarer by his side, for the safe operation of the vessel, for the conduction of a life plan, or for the simple joy of a work well done.