2018 Executive Outlook with OSM CEO

What can we expect for 2018? Find out more from OSM CEO Geir Sekkesæter

A key priority of 2018 will be to continue our streamlining efforts to improve efficiencies across OSM. We will also be looking to deliver added value to our customers through new product offerings that will offer our customers improved results.  In combination with this, we will continue to enhance our cost-conscious culture supported through our operating model, NEXT, to reinvent what we do and how we do it. The future is about automation of manual processes and improved decision making by ensuring that the relevant information available enhances our team’s capabilities in their roles.


People and Technology

As of today, we have numerous automation projects ongoing with the aim of improving the way we work in OSM both with respect to our operational efficiency and the quality we provide. Our people are our decision makers, while our machines shall, as far as possible, do what they are good at: process information. We have adapted an IT strategy that over time will help us address this in a systematic way.

Sustainable growth

Growth is necessary for maintaining a sustainable business and supporting opportunities for our personnel on board and onshore. Growth can come from many avenues, but it is critical for OSM to support this through superior operational performance making our customers successful in their market. We can attract new business by demonstrating what we do makes a difference for them both in the short and long term.

Focus and impact

One of the challenges in OSM is that there are a lot of ways to deal with the challenges and opportunities that we see. However, we can’t do everything in one go and we need to ensure that we deal with the things that will give us the biggest impact. The biggest bang for the buck.

2018 will be an exciting year with a lot of opportunities for OSM and I’m very confident that we will achieve big things by great people.

– Geir Sekkesæter